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Here are some web sites related to the DVD-ROM project, From the New World, A Celebrated Composer's American Odyssey:

Dvorák in America: Finding a New Voice
An article by Scott Ethier in Humanities Magazine, November/December 2003, which is the National Endowment for the Humanities bimonthly review of notable humanities projects. The NEH funded this DVD-ROM project as a component of a National Education Project.

Dvorák in America: The Not-So-Distant Mirror
"An unusual education project looks at American music—and history—through a different discoverer of the New World."
An article about the project by David Wright, in the Swarthmore College Bulletin, June 2004.

Review by Paul Christiansen
From MULTIMEDIA REVIEWS in the Journal of the Society for American Music (2009), 3: 517-519 Cambridge University Press. Please note that this is a review of an earlier version of the program; the errors pointed out by the reviewer have been corrected.

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