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Related to the DVD-ROM, From the New World, A Celebrated Composer's American Odyssey, are the following resources.

Direct Testimony Text
A major section of the program is what we call Direct Testimony. This section contains the text of original newspaper and magazine articles, letters, contracts, telegrams, and the like related to Dvorák and the events, places, and people of his time. For your reference we have included the full index to Direct Testimony and some sample entries here on this site:

Companion Book
A special offer for the companion young reader’s book:
Dvorak in America: In Search of the New World
by Joseph Horowitz

The DVD-ROM is one of two linked components of a National Education Project funded by the National Endowment of the Humanities. The other component is a 150-page young reader’s book by Joseph Horowitz, published by Cricket Books.

The book is historical fiction (the characters talk) closely based on the documentary evidence assembled as “Direct Testimony” on this DVD-ROM. It includes illustrated chapters dealing with:

  • Harry Burleigh and plantation song
  • Dvorák’s New York
  • Dvorák, Buffalo Bill, and The Song of Hiawatha
  • Dvorák on the “Yellow Journalism”
  • Dvorák and Spillville
  • The New World Symphony
  • Dvorák in Boston

An Appendix links these narratives with specific documents in the DVD-ROM.

As part of the NEH project, the book has been successfully field tested in middle and high schools, with students ranging from sixth to eleventh grade. Reviewers of the book have recommended it “for all ages.”