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Screen Shots
Here are some samples of screens designed by Peter Bogdanoff in the DVD-ROM program From the New World, A Celebrated Composer's American Odyssey:
The Time Map of the Main Line where you can access its 14 chapters by moving your computer pointer over the representative images.
A page from the Main Line discusses Dvorák's visit to Buffalo Bill's Wild West, an incredibly popular attraction at the turn of the 20th century.

This western-styled extravaganza shaped tremendously both American and European perceptions of what the American West was.

The Side Trip “New York Then and Now” shows photos from the 1890s compared with those from the present.

“Looking north on Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street. In the 1890s Fifth Avenue was not the shopping street that it is today. Nonetheless, it could be busier than Fifth Avenue on a weekend today.”

Here is a page from "The New World Symphony" showing text commentary and the musical notation of the beginning of the second movement, the famous "Largo." There is also a more detailed discussion of this section of the music and an overview of the musical form of the entire movement.