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"The fate which gave the world a composer of music robbed Bohemia of a butcher..."
(H. E. Krehbiel, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, September 1892.)

In all of the vast literature about Antonín Dvorák, no writer ever penned a more clever line than the American music critic Henry Krehbiel in 1892, the year the Dvorák family first set foot on American soil.

So begins Robert Winter in the "Main Line" of ArtsInteractive's newest product, From the New World, A Celebrated Composer's American Odyssey. Combining text, images, audio, and video, this DVD-ROM program created by collaborators Robert Winter and Peter Bogdanoff vividly explores how a Bohemian who decided to compose music, rather than follow his father's profession as a butcher, gave the world his transcendent symphony, "From the New World." To this day, the work is considered one of the most popular pieces of classical music with audiences world-wide. A theme from the second movement, set to the words, "Goin' Home" is hummed by many who have otherwise never heard of that butcher-turned-composer, Antonín Dvorák.

What was the world that Dvorák lived in and visited? What was New York City like in 1892? And how does it compare with New York of today? What was the role of women in late-Victorian American society? What was the involvement of African-Americans during that post-Civil War era? And what was the fate of American Indians after the loss of their ancestral homelands? And how does Longfellow's immensely popular saga, The Song of Hiawatha, figure into all this?

Explore all this, and more! Order a copy now.

This program was researched and written by Robert Winter and designed and programmed by Peter Bogdanoff. It was created for middle- and high school-aged children, but is certainly readable and fascinating for adults. It was initially funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities as a component of a National Education Program, and can be used both by schools as part of a regular curriculum and as part of homeschool studies. It will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone wanting to delve deeper into American history, politics, culture, and science, and by anyone who just loves great music.

If you have ever seen any of the earlier CD-ROM programs by Robert Winter and Peter Bogdanoff, you will not be disappointed with our latest offering. In the following pages read more about this program and see how you can obtain a copy.

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